Thursday, July 31, 2008


I did not get as much done last Friday as I had hoped, but I sacrificed that in order to get a longer massage. It was worth it. Darrin helped me accomplish the rest on Saturday.
What did get accomplished.
Got a stroller for the new baby.
Got my massage!!!
Got a new recliner (I love Kittle's outlet!!)
Did not find the lounge pants at Old Navy. I will have to order them online.
Did not make it to the gym for a workout...oh well.
Kids went to parents night out.
Darrin and I got supplies for organizing the kids toys.

Got the toy closet cleaned out and organized.
Got the boys room cleaned out and organized.
Got the rest of the Salvation Army stuff taken to Salvation Army (about 2 van loads)
Got the linen closets stripped clean of linens not in use. Looks great!
Did grocery shopping and got the house back in order.

Family came over.

My Motherboard came, and then I found out that my hard drive is
(Darrin is working on getting most of the info off of it to put on my new hard drive)
Shredded bills and receipt that were sitting in a basket for years.
Threw a lot of paper away.

Shredded a year and a half of old bills and receipts.
Emptied and refilled the pool (it was pretty bad!)
Filed a box of stuff that has been waiting for years.
Finished organizing the office

Cleaned up the kitchen (took 2 and a half dishwasher loads)
Attended a closing
My mom did laundry for me (thank you Mom!!!!)
Cleaned up the paper mess (filed and shredded) that was on the end of the island.

Taking a breath and getting ready for the boys 6th birthday tomorrow.
I also need to do Darrin's and my laundry.
Fix the leak the kids put in their pool yesterday.

Spend time with the kids outside in their pool.
Happy Birthday Boys!!!

For next week:
Clean out Edy's room.
Prepare for the start of school.
Clean out the front coat closet.
Clean out our room.
Get a Fly Lady schedule put together.
Go through the books.
Dejunk the kitchen.

If you can not tell I am in a "get rid of it" mood. I am tired of having to clean up everyone's junk. We kept what was the "favorite" and got rid of the rest. With the new baby coming here in about 3 months something needed to change in order for our lives to stay in order when he arrived. Part of that process is learning to live with less. It was so easy to keep things up in Florida. We did not have much. So we are taking that concept and using it at home.

I will let you all know what kind of progress is made in the next week.

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Mary said...

Yay!!! I am so proud of you. I can't believe how much you have gotten accomplished this week. Go Super Mom!!!