Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well, I did it. I made bread! We were out of bread, I had the ingredients and we don't get paid until tomorrow. So, I made what we needed. I also made bread for Addi and the boys. Their bread is about $5 a loaf. I can make it much cheaper and I do have to say that it tastes about 300,000 times better then the stuff I buy.

The bread I made for us came out well, but is a bit sweet. It is really good with ham and as toast, but I am not sure I like it for our normal bread.

We are trying to cut back on expenses and live lean. We have spent way too much on groceries in the past and I am doing my best to cut our grocery spending to a minimum. One of the ways that I have found that I can do this is by making the kids gluten free baked goods. I have the time now that the boys are in school all day and my house actually stays cleaned up. It is amazing.
I plan on making a schedule for which foods I make on what days.

I loved the smell of the house as I baked today and I was able to clean my messes as I went instead of being interrupted 10 times and not being able to get back to the kitchen to clean up the mess.

I am looking for a good bread recipe. I am not against using other grains in my bread. So if you have a bread recipe that you love I would love to try it.

I thought that I would be board with the kids in school, but I am having fun cooking and baking again. It has been a long time.