Sunday, January 31, 2010


We purposefully did not replace our carpet when we moved into this house. With 3 kids under the age of 2 we decided that it would not be the best use of money. This left me free to relax if anything got spilled on it.

The boys would spit up continuously and it went everywhere. We have cleaned the carpets over and over and thankfully they have held up.

Our latest round with the carpet is with Addi. She does not think it necessary to go potty in the potty, but prefers to use the carpet because it is warmer than the potty seat. We are working to remedy this and it has gotten better, but I could not figure out if it was on purpose of if something was going terribly wrong in her head and/or body. This is not uncommon with children with Autism, so we needed to find out what was behind it to be able to deal with it.

We got a big clue one evening.
We had received a package from Darrin's brother Drew and his wife. In this package Drew had used a very colorful m&m fleece blanket as part of the packaging. Needles to say, it was the kid's favorite think in the package. Spencer was playing with it one night and spread it out very neatly on the floor and then looked at Darrin and said "Dad, look at my carpet." Addi had been standing at the side and looks at Spencer and asks "Can I pee on your carpet?"

We have taken disciplinary action with her from that point on. I think that this was a very clear indication that it was not something biological.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Mommy I pooed

Around our house "poo" is a big deal. It tells me many thing about the condition of my kids and how the treatments are affecting them. It is gross, but we need to check them to be able to see if we need to be changing anything.

Because of this my wonderful little kids have gotten in the habit of announcing when this has happened. I guess it does not help that we get really excited with them and say great job! (It is better than cleaning up a mess in the pants!)

So yesterday I took Edy and Spencer to Judo. As is true to form Spencer had to use the potty before he entered the gym.

I have tried to let him be more independent and let him go into the boys bathroom by himself. I waited for him, but he was taking a very long time, so I went to talk with my dad to see if there was anything he needed from Costco. A few minutes later Spencer comes into the gym walking a bit funny and saying "Mommy, I poo." I asked him if he needed help wiping and of course he did. I took him (against his objections) into the girls bathroom. I was not going to chance having a man walk into the boys bathroom while I was dealing with Spencer.
When I was done, he proceeded back towards the boys bathroom. I thought maybe he needed to flush and wash his hands, which is the way it goes at home.

I could see him walking into the bathroom toward the black stalls and then he turned and pointed and said "see, I poo." A sudden realization hit me. He had used the urinal! I almost could not make it back to the gym to get my dad, I was laughing too hard. The picture of him sitting on the urinal was almost too much. Also, I could not help what others would think had they walked into the bathroom at that moment and saw this little boy sitting there.
I also could not help thinking about the surprise of someone walking in and finding his gift sitting there. (we don't have little poos)

I finally got the words out to my dad and he went to check it out. Sure enough he had used the urinal. Dad proceeded to take care of it. His comment through the laughter was "you're kids need more fiber!" I then had my dad explain to Spencer what the urinal was for and that you poo in the potty not the white porcelain thing on the wall. Apparently we are lacking in the bathroom education.
We now have a great story that continually through this day will bring a really big smile to my face.

I realized today how laid back I have become. Before I would have cringed in embarrassment, now it is a source of laughter. What are you going to do? I know that this will not be the last time something like this happens. I am just glad that laughter is good like a medicine.