Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!! This has been the best Christmas with the Autism.
We had a Christmas a few years ago that we compare every other Christmas to. On this particular Christmas the boys received a basketball hoop. It was not set up and they proceeded to scream (at the top of their lungs) until it got set up, which took a bit of time. Then they screamed because there was only one ball and both wanted to play. It used to be that while we were at Mom and Dad's house we would constantly be watching the children because there was so much for them to get into. Christmas would end with Darrin taking some of the children home early, very frustrated.
Today we arrived at Mom and Dad's around 10 am. We stayed (all of us) until 4pm. We did not have to consistently watch the children. It was the first Christmas in years that we returned home happy and content. We are truly rejoicing in the Lord's continued blessing today!