Tuesday, March 19, 2013


So very many of you pray for us and have lifted us up and supported us on this journey which we have been called. It is with great joy and fear that we are embarking the next part of this journey. Each new development holds joy and fear. Taylor was retested this past month to see where he fell on the bell curve of the spectrum. In his behavior he is still moderate and will need behavior support, but in other areas he has been moved to mild! Yes, MILD!!!! Just typing that brings overwhelming emotions.  The journey continues as we learn about what this means for him. Part of what it means is that he is going to be spending more time in the general ed class. By the time we hit middle school he might be full gen ed. It is also scary. Questions are flying through my brain. How will he do in the gen ed class? Will there be an aid to help him? Is this what is best for him? We have an IEP meeting next week and many of those questions will be answered. So for tonight I am going to rejoice in the work of the Lord. It is He that has guided us down this path, showed us where He wants us to go and what turns to take. It is you all that have lifted our arms and encouraged us when we could not walk anymore on our own. It is only fitting that we rejoice with you. We would not be here, but for your encouragement. I am excited to see what the next year will bring. I am encouraged to once again do full GAPS with the kids and really get some good healing done over the summer. This just gave me the push that I needed.