Sunday, January 31, 2010


We purposefully did not replace our carpet when we moved into this house. With 3 kids under the age of 2 we decided that it would not be the best use of money. This left me free to relax if anything got spilled on it.

The boys would spit up continuously and it went everywhere. We have cleaned the carpets over and over and thankfully they have held up.

Our latest round with the carpet is with Addi. She does not think it necessary to go potty in the potty, but prefers to use the carpet because it is warmer than the potty seat. We are working to remedy this and it has gotten better, but I could not figure out if it was on purpose of if something was going terribly wrong in her head and/or body. This is not uncommon with children with Autism, so we needed to find out what was behind it to be able to deal with it.

We got a big clue one evening.
We had received a package from Darrin's brother Drew and his wife. In this package Drew had used a very colorful m&m fleece blanket as part of the packaging. Needles to say, it was the kid's favorite think in the package. Spencer was playing with it one night and spread it out very neatly on the floor and then looked at Darrin and said "Dad, look at my carpet." Addi had been standing at the side and looks at Spencer and asks "Can I pee on your carpet?"

We have taken disciplinary action with her from that point on. I think that this was a very clear indication that it was not something biological.

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Jaime Kae said...

LOL! "Can I pee on your carpet" - too funny! Frustrating, but funny. :)