Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Day Off

Tomorrow I get a day off. I originally had a closing tomorrow morning and thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to take the rest of the day. I got a babysitter and started planning my day. I got a call yesterday afternoon that the closing was moved to next Tuesday. I then had a decision to make. Do I go ahead and take the day or do I postpone to Tuesday.

After a day of screaming and some over the top behavior due to wheat intake, I decided to take the day.

I need to clear my head and get recharged to finish this last stage of the kids treatment.

So tomorrow I am going to :
Get a stroller for the new baby.
Get a massage with the remaining amount on my gift card.
Drop a van load of junk off at Salvation Army.
Go grocery shopping - We are out of food
Eat a late lunch with Darrin (I am hoping that he can take a short day tomorrow and we can spend some uninterrupted time together.)
Go to Kittle's Outlet Store and look for a recliner.
Get home, get the kids take Esther home and get to the gym.
Leave the kids at the gym for Parents night out. (Pike YMCA. Free for members, $5 per family for non-members. Goes from 6-8 pm)
Go home during Parents Night Out and sort through toys w/o prying eyes and make another run to Salvation Army.
I also plan to throw some shopping in between. I want to get some lounge pants for the hospital and a cute shirt.

The kids start school in a few weeks and I will have some quiet time in the morning with just Edy. We will be starting her second grade year so that we can get into a pattern before the baby gets here.

I also have a fiesta to plan and host before school starts. I am looking forward to this and will do some of that planning tomorrow also.

I hope to post some pictures soon of the kids on the beach. The only problem is that I am in most of them and do not want my beautiful round figure posted. Maybe I can photoshop.


Heather L. said...

I hope you have a really, really nice day off!

Catherine said...

That's a lot to do for a day off!! Your energy level is amazing to me! I hope it was restful and rejuvenating for you.