Friday, August 1, 2008

A Blessed Day

Today the boys turn 6. I can not believe that it has been 6 years. BTW, Happy Anniversary to Kevin and Amy Koons on Sunday. It will be 6 years for them also. (they were married 2 days after the boys were born)
We are going to have a slow day today. Family is coming over tonight. I am making them a cake today that is not on their diet. It is their birthday after all and an almond cake did not appeal to me. I got a glutton free chocolate cake mix at Meijer. It is the only thing that will have any type of refined sugar in it. Oh well, we will double up on their meds. :)

My computer is up and running again. I have been using Darrin's computer for the past 10 months. Darrin was able to recover all of my files except 3. He did an amazing job! Thanks Sweetie!!!!

So this is my first post on my wonderful computer. I am so happy to have it back!
I am going a bit off of the boys diet today. Not too far off the beaten path, I have already started them on corn.

For breakfast they had:
Fried Corn Mush
Fruit juice sweetened Strawberry Yogurt

For lunch I am trying my hand at
Macaroni and cheese with smoked sausage.
I am going to use a corn /quenoa pasta
for the cheese sauce I am going to use cream cheese as my base and add a bit of milk, Jack and Colby cheeses. I will let you know how it comes out.

For dinner:
Corn Spaghetti pasta with homemade sauce
Green beans
Cake for dessert

It has been fun to cook things other than bacon, meat and veggies. We will see how the kids do with this food. I may incorporate more corn pasta into their everyday meals.

Here are the boys in the outfits sent by Aunt Mary for their birthday

They will be getting scooters tonight. We may regret it, we shall see. I will post some more pictures tomorrow. I am learning how to use my camera, so I will keep on trying to get some good pictures esp for Mary since we are missing her today.


Heather L. said...

Happy Birthday to the boys! So much to celebrate today -- God has been good!

Mrs. R said...

Thanks for keeping up with my blog! I am honored! You are a busy lady and it sounds like the Lord is blessing all your efforts!! It is worth it!! Can't believe the boys are 6! Wow! It won't be long before they are 16! Hugs all around!~Lori R