Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Partner on this Journey and Weight Loss

Never in a million years would Darrin and I have imagined that this was the journey that we were meant to walk together. When I was single I had the notion that I did not want to get married just to be married. I wanted someone who allowed me to be me, and did not expect me to be something that someone else said was the "ideal" wife. I also wanted someone that I could help in life. Not just be there to wash his clothes (which I do not do well) and keep his house clean. I wanted my life to be enhanced by the one I married, to be better than I was single.

I found just that man in November of 1996. I took a Desktop Publishing class and he was the instructor. I can not say that it was love at first sight, but it was love during the first 2 weeks. I did not know what it was about this man, I just knew that I wanted to be his partner. My gut told me that he was destined for great things and I wanted to be a part of that.

I waited for 2 years for him to get his act together. He finally did and we were married on September 11, 1999.

There were many trials that we went through in our first year of marriage. We lost a baby and later that year I lost an ovary and he was by my side through it all. As I look back I should have gotten a clue. Most of our trials were medical and now here we are in the biggest trial that we have ever faced together and it too is medical. Go figure.

All this to say that I am so glad that I am walking on this journey with Darrin. He is a man destined for greatness and this journey is just adding to this greatness. He may not be recognized by the world as one of the great men of our time (I think so, but I have found that not everyone sees things the way I do) but he is a great dad. This is the man who had never changed a diaper before we had our first child. This is the man who gaged when he changed his first "rice" diaper. (you who have experienced this know what I mean) This is the man I love. He has always jumped in with both feet even when the waters were a bit scary.

He has taken an active roll in the recovery of our boys. Most men with Autistic sons just bury their heads in the sand and let their wives deal with it. 80% of marriages that have Autistic children end in divorce.

I am thanful beyond words for Darrin. I do not ever have to worry that some day he will give up and leave. He is as dedicated to this as I am. He hurts for our boys every bit as much as I do. Because of this I know that even if the world does not bestow the label of greatness on my husband, his children and I will.

The last 2 years have been very stressful. I am one who eats when stressed and the result has not been pretty. So, starting today I am going to lose 30lbs.
I had lost 30lbs after Addi was born, but those little buggers have been making their way back on to my body. It is time to shed them again.

I will be posting my results on a weekly basis. This is to keep me accountable. I also am going to be doing something that was mentioned on The Rachel Ray show today. I am going to get sponsors for my weight loss.

This is how it works. Each person who wants to can sponsor a certain pound. For example one woman's boss sponsored her 180th pound. He will buy her a new outfit when she reaches that goal. I do not need new outfits, but I am looking for bits of encouragement and accountability along the way. So if you are interested in sponsoring one of my pounds or goals let me know. Darrin has already said he will sign up.

I will be using my online weight watchers and I hope to make it to the gym everyday to do the eliptical for at least 30 min. Also the night snacking will stop. No more food after dinner.
With this in place and a bit of encouragement from my friends and family, I hope to be ready for our vacation to Florida in July.

Also, If any of you out there want to join me, I would love to sponsor one of your pounds.

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Heather L. said...

That is a great idea! How about I sponsor Pound 11. I have no idea yet what I'll do, but maybe i can have one or two weeks to figure it out. :)
Hurrah for Darrin. Going through a trial like this together makes all the difference.