Monday, February 11, 2008


One of the things that we are trying to do with the boys is open up the pathways for their bodies to be able to detox. One of the theorys out there is that this elimination/detox system is not functioning correctly. This is why we get the heavy metal build up from the vaccinations and different environmental toxins. When these toxins build up the body reacts.

In order to get these pathways open we are doing a number of things. We started with Vitamin B12 shots. To this we are adding Epsom salt baths and zinc. This is in addition to the MSM (helps with allergies), digestive aids and other supplements.

I can not say that we've seen major dramatic results with the vitamin B12 shots, but with adding the Epsom salt baths I am starting to see some improvement. Taylor is much calmer than he has been in weeks. I give the 3 younger children a soak in their swimsuits when the boys get home from school. They were staying in the bath for about 1 hour, and now we are down to about half an hour each day. Yesterday Taylor referred to me as mommy for the first time. Most of the time he refers to me as mom. It was just an easier word for him to say. Today he used a 5 word sentence. "I want more bacon please."

We have not seen the dramatic result that others have seen with the allergy tests and removal of the foods that they should not be eating. Some things cleared up, but the communication did not improve. The communication is now emerging. It is slow, but it is there and that is exciting. We started our next supplement for detox this weekend, zinc. It is not easy to get it down the boys, but we are trying to be consistent in hopes that we "win" and they start taking it more willingly. (I wish all could be given in shot form. So much easier!!!)

After our next appointment we hope to be adding GSH. This is the compound that is in your liver that helps to detox. It is also the element that is eaten up by Tylenol. We will no longer be giving our children Tylenol. I knew that it was toxic, I just did not know how toxic it was to our boys.

Once we have gotten their detox system going strong we will start chelation. This should remove any mercury that is sitting in their bodies.

It is a step by step process, but I know we are on the right path. The diet is going well. I am learning to cook and you my friends give me different ideas all of the time that I can incorporate into the diet. Their bellies are getting flatter and attitudes are better.

Right now it is quiet here. The dishes are mostly done and the rest of the house is an absolute mess, but it is quiet and peaceful. That is more than I could hope for a few months ago.

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Milehimama said...

Our son was dx with a neurobiological disorder, and adding zinc and B vitmins (B6 and B12, esp.) have helped tremendously. He won't swallow medications so I use ZincKing chewables.

I have also tried to eliminate copper as much as possible (getting vitamins that don't include it, for example) because copper interferes with zinc metabolism.

Thanks for posting what is working for you. It's nice to know I'm not crazy for trying these things!