Friday, July 17, 2009

A reminder

We were in Seattle last week. We took Edy, Spencer and Connor. Taylor and Addi stayed back in Indy with Grandparents, Aunt Amy and Aunt Cindy.
All of the kids we took with us did great. Spencer was complimented numerous times on his behavior. Edy did great as she always does, and even Connor had minimal fussy times.

It was really hard reincorporating everyone back into the family unit. It seemed as soon as we got home the kids started picking at each other. This climaxed yesterday.

Not only did we have to get back into the swing of things after being gone, I also helped Edy host a movie party and we had a bridal shower here last evening. Many think I am crazy, but I refuse to be held captive once again by the Autism. On top of everything both Spencer and Addi ate wheat on Wednesday, making them over the top yesterday. We had so much attitude and screaming, that I was just about to give up and lock them in their room.

Darrin took them to the local school to ride scooters and bikes in the parking lot. They were 100% improved when they got home.

I learned one thing yesterday and was reminded of another.
I learned that after the kids have gotten into wheat they need to move there bodies really hard and it will help with the after effects of the high.
I was reminded of how it used to be every day. It is hard for me to see our progress because it is a gradual thing. Yesterday The Lord gave me a big dose of what it used to be. 2 years ago I never would have been so bold as to host anything, let alone 2 parties the week we returned from a trip. We did it and lived to tell about it, and it was fun.

Today we are calm and anticipating a trip to the pool. I think it will be a great weekend.


liz nelson said...

you guys have an awesome testimony. and the shower for marge was great. the food was amazing!:)

Amy K said...

I'm glad things calmed down for you. The shower was beautiful and I agree the fondue was amazing.