Monday, July 27, 2009

Almost back to normal and New Challenges

After about 2.5 weeks we almost have the gluten out of the systems and we are back on a good meds schedule. It has been a good time to see that the supplements and meds are working. They do make a difference.

I have been faced with new challenges this week. The kids have learned how to open the garage door. They love to ride their scooters in front of the house and play in the front yard. I now have to lock the utility room door again and take the key out of the front door. Fortunately they have all stayed close to the house and have not been wandering the neighborhood.

I think they are getting board with summer break. School starts 2 weeks from Wednesday. I have mixed feelings about this. I have loved (most of the time) having them home and now the boys will be gone all day. They are growing up. Right now I am looking forward to the time when I can have them home for school. (Ask me how I am feeling when that day finally comes.)

I am thinking about starting a "workshop" for moms of kids with Autism. I want to encourage these moms in the same way that many of you have been an encouragement to me. I want to do some cooking workshops and some safety workshops. If I can help these moms keep their kids safe and help them come up with fun gf/cf menus, I think it will help take some stress out of their lives. I know as moms we can all use less stress.

We shall see how things are going once school gets started. These next 2 weeks will be dedicated to getting ready for the school year. All 3 kids have outgrown their clothes and shoes from last year. I guess that means a shopping trip for mom. Rats! :)


Monica said...

I'm glad things are settling down for you all. Just in time for school to start:)

I think the workshop is a fabulous idea! I know you would be a blessing to moms who need someone that walked down the same road.

kim said...

I think the workshop idea is wonderful. I know that back in the day when my Jesse IV who is now 19 and entering college in a few weeks...was much younger, i felt very alone in this life with aspergers/autism. i am so happy to hear how well you and your family are doing! (Just a note: when we were away this week in Florida, jesse did very well until time to come home and he still has a difficult time in his own way when we change up his world ie: coming home...better but still isn't loving changes!) thanks for the great blog and God bless!

Heather L. said...

I love your workshop idea! you would be wonderful at doing that!!!