Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Improvements and change

Addi has been having wonderful days at school. It has been a very long time since I have received a bad report. She has not had any fruit or juice for a few weeks. She seems to do fine with the Agave nectar, so we will continue the way we are going.

The kids have taken to tea. It is very cute. They like to have "syrup" and "milk" in their tea. I use agave and coconut milk. They then stir it and sing a little chant that they heard on Dora. It is quite amusing.

Other news: Edy announced to me today that she would like to try out public school next year. I have mixed emotions about that. Part of me is selfish and thinks it is a great idea :) the other part of me is very sad and really wants her to remain home. I am trying to set up a date for her to visit the school so she can at least experience it before she would start next year.

I must admit that I am a bit afraid that I have not done my job and she will be behind the other 4th graders. Such a pride issue.

It does not help that I want to burst into tears at most anything that is happening.

So much is changing. I guess I was getting a bit too comfy in my little box.


Margaret said...

Congratulations on the upcoming arrival! I'm so glad to hear Addi is doing so well. Send my love to the kiddos.

Andrea said...

Just wanted to share about 'away' school. We have homeschooled ours but this last Sept, put our oldest into private school to focus on the 1st grader (with processing delays). I was not thrilled to do this and was very nervous that he would be behind. So we put him into 2nd gr even though I had taught him 2nd gr and had to be told 2 weeks later that we 'really should move him up to 3rd grade' LOL! He has excelled in 3rg grade at this school.
BUT we have been shown by the Lord that He was using this year to teach us that we CAN do the homeschooling that He's called us to do and He can meet allllll of our needs. So we are bringing our son back home for 4th grade.

My long and drawn out point being to remember to pray diligently about where to school your Ely, and He will put her in the right place at the right level! He is faithful!