Monday, March 23, 2009

A Great Day

You know, I have never made it a habit to take my camera with me on family outings. When I was at home I could always count on Amy, Cindy and Mary to take the pictures. After I was married I took pictures on our honeymoon and some after Edy was born. After we had the boys that went out the window. Too many hands were needed. Now our family is to the point that I need to begin making this a habit. We had a great day yesterday and I have no pictures to document it.

We took all 5 children out to lunch yesterday. This is the first time that we have done this since Connor was born. We have to be selective about the places we eat because of the diet restrictions. We took them to my favorite place... Koyo's. This is a Japanese Steakhouse. They cook the food in front of you. The kids loved it. They sat really well and Connor would have done a bit better if I would have realized that he needed a diaper change. Oh well.

They loved the fire in the onion tower and our chef did a bit extra because the kids had such a great reaction. Taylor ate all of his chicken and Spencer, Edy and Addi also ate well. (right now Koyo'a is having a 5.99 lunch special) We will order a bit differently next time, but it was a start.

After this we headed to Ritter's for ice cream. If you order anything over $2 you get a stamp on a card. A full card is good for a free treat. We filled the card on one trip. I think Ritter's will become a frequent family outing. The kids did great sitting at a table and waiting to be called over to get their treat. The weather was great!

We then headed over to granma and granpa's house. They played for over and hour. It was a lovely visit. We arrived back at home around 3. All in all it was a great day!

Addi had a bit of a problem in the morning because she did not get any breakfast. It is amazing what food can do for an attitude. She had also gotten some wheat this last week which made for a very hard week.

Today I started her on some more supplements: more L-carnitine, magnesium and baking soda. (the baking soda helps with oxalate acid which is the acid that makes the muscles hurt in Fibromyalgia) We have had a great morning. I will see how the rest of the week goes. So far I am optimistic about being done with the screaming.

I also started doing a "dry brush" on her arms when she is upset. This helped a whole lot. I got this idea from Vanessa, my friend Monica's sister. She has a son with autism and she said that his dad would do this and it helped. Addi loves it. She will just sit on my lap and get very relaxed as I brush.

Progress is being made again. We have given the kids their supplement every day for the last week and a half. Doing it at night is so much easier. We are almost to the point of having the kids on all of the supplements that Dr Hulseman wants them on. This is the first.

This all contributed to our great day yesterday.


Monica said...

You guys are doing great! And Koyo' couldn't get any better than that, my friend.

Heather L. said...

I'm so happy that you all could go out to lunch! It sounds like a wonderful day.

I get an attitude too if I don't get food. :)

What a good idea -- the dry brush! It's supposed to be good for lots of people I think -- I've heard about it for Chronic fatigue.