Wednesday, March 5, 2008

God's Perfect Timing

Many times I question the timing of things. I know that God is orchestrating our lives and we want our family to be used to its greatest potential. Many times I do not see how things that transpire are in God's timing until it is revealed at a later date.

As many of you know, Darrin and I had our kids very quickly. 4 children in 2.5 years. After Addi was born we called it quits. 2boys and 2 girls seemed like a good number and mix. Also, Addi's labor and delivery was very hard and I did not ever want to go through that again.

Edy has also been learning about God's timing in answering prayer. She has been praying for a baby for about a year now. She asked me a bit ago why God did not answer her prayer. I used the moment to explain to her that God sometimes says no and we need to be OK with that.

We arrived at Grandma's house about 5:30 on Saturday evening. The atmosphere was one of grief and depression. I found Grandma and gave her a long hug and then told her I had a card for her. She read the card and then looked at me. Her face turned from one of grief to one of joy. She then started showing the card to everyone. She would say so and so come here, read this. It will be her reason to continue through the very hard first few months without Papa.
The card read like this:
cover: A New Baby
Inside: How Wonderful!
I wrote inside:
Dear Grandma,
I will be arriving sometime between October 31st and November 12th. Please come and visit me.
It was signed: Baby T

I have 2 boys with Autism and a little girl with learning disabilities. How I am supposed to get through this pregnancy, I don't know.
What I do know:
God has never given me enough to send me to the insane asylum. (I have come close)
God has taught Edy a very special lesson about answered prayer.
This child has already given someone in the midst of grief, hope for the future.

I did question the timing of this pregnancy. I have fears of miscarriage, birth defects, one more with autism, labor and delivery and postpartum depression . We are starting over. I am almost done with diapers and life was just about to get a bit easier when all of the kids were in school this next fall.

Even with this I have to acknowledge that God's timing is perfect.
The kids will all be in school in the morning just as I am starting my 3rd trimester. Can you say morning nap?
We were able to plan our Grandma's first holidays without Papa. Thanksgiving with us and Christmas with her daughter in CA.
Darrin started a really great job in January and will be going full time in May. We will hopefully have maternity insurance.
The boys are ready for chelation. They should be greatly improved by November. (I already see changes in Taylor. It is amazing what a few days away will reveal)
He gave Darrin and I time alone together to get used to the idea. I would have had a much harder time accepting this pregnancy in the midst of screaming children. :)

Once again God is teaching me that along the way there will be things and situations that I view as bumps in the road. Looking back from this side I can see that those "bumps" are an intricate part of God's plan for our family. Without them we would not be who we are.
It is the same with this. God is changing the dynamics of our family once again. It will be interesting to see what I think about this "bump" when I am on the other side.

BTW: Alaina, do you still have the crib? :)


Elizabeth said...

It was so good to hear from you today!! Congratulations! I can't wait to see you very soon, but not soon enough. I love you and miss you dear friend!

Monica said...

What a blessing, my friend!! Yes, God's timing is perfect and EVERY good and perfect gift is from His hand.

I just know that having another baby is going to be so special for you. Only ONE in diapers. This has never happened!!

I still have your swing in my garage. It's all yours:)

Catherine said...

Congratulations Jennie! I will be praying for you to have a peaceful pregnancy and that the new baby will be a special blessing to your family.

Heather L. said...

Oh Jennie! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you! Now you won't have to get your baby fix from someone else. :)

I also appreciated your honesty in sharing the realities of what another pregnancy means, your wondering about how you'll make it through, and how another child to care for will affect your lives. Thanks for being honest, but for also putting your faith in God and trusting that He will supply your every need.

We love you!

Alaina said...

Congrats! And yep, I still have the crib - it's all yours! I don't anticipate two at once again but then who knows?! :)

Praying that things will go smoothly and well.

Alyssa said...

Wow! I can't believe it!! I'm so excited for you. (and Edy too, I know she's thrilled!)

Megan said...

Another beautiful Thompson baby! Congratulations! We'll be praying for you that this first trimester goes smoothly and that God will give you an abundance of rest and peace. Love you friend.

Shannon Koons said...


You are an amazing mother to all of your children, born and unborn. I love you!

Ambrose Family said...

Congratulations! You and yours will be in my prayers. I'm sure God's plan in this will prove to be perfect.